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This page contains information for the customers of TREBOR Business Communications Design, Inc and the users of its products and services. Please feel free to browse around this site and see all that it has to offer. we are interested in providing resources for a multitude of interest and all vertical markets. TBCDI is the creator of customized software where it is our goal to provide quick and efficient applications that are easy to use and can be used in many environments on different platforms. The philosophy of TBCDI is that the only constant in business is change. We continue to improve, enhance and add to all of our products. In addition to providing quality software, we are able to maintain the data in enterprise ready environments such as Microsoft SQL and Oracle. What sets TBCDI apart from other companies is the rapid application development tools we use. The core of our tools include a product named APPX which is created by a company named APPX Software based in Jacksonville, FL.

We would welcome the opportunity to create a software experience from our extensive library of products and tools that would eliminate your present day hassles. If after browsing our site, you have any further questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at TBCDI

TBCDI Web Interface Released
(June 2017) TBCDI announces our new web design and release of version 5.1 of Membership PRO

We have just released our latest version of our flagship Membership Software named Membership PRO. It is redesigned based on APPX, HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 and will work in all modern day browsers. In addition, this new version will run on most tablets and smartphones. This allows the staff to become more mobile while still being connected to their offices.Unlike our previous versions, which were based on a Java client, this version does not require the membership organization to install anything on their client machines other than an up to date web browser.

We maintain maximum flexibility for our users by allowing various options for running our software in different environments. There are now 3 primary choices for viewing and using all our products.

  • OPTION1: Use the Software within the comforts of your own office envrionment
  • OPTION2: Use the Software within the cloud utilizing your own web hosted servers
  • OPTION3: Allow TBCDI to host the Software and release yourselves from the need to worry about infrastructure and backup hassles

We are ready to demonstrate how this new solution works and how it can enhance your organization's productivity. Contact us for a demonstration of what sets us apart from the competition. Once you have obtained the proper "Login id" and "Password", click here to gain access.

TBCDI New Interface
(February 2017) TBCDI announces new GUI design and release of version 5.0 of Membership PRO

We have just released our latest version of our flagship Membership Software named Membership PRO. It is now available via the web. It is still based on a Java client but can now be download with any browser. Once downloaded the Java client will then have the ability to recognize your data and interact with your information from anywhere. This version frees the membership organization's staff from their desk in order to review or act upon issues in a timely fashion. All the applications and functionality will be the same as if the person was sitting at their desk.In addition, this new version will run on most tablets and smartphones.

APPX Announcement
APPX Software announces the release of new web interface

APPX Software of Jacksonville, Florida announced they have created a new client which allows an organization to present a customized version of their software over the internet using most of the current browsers. This facility is a great plus for membership organizations which want to have their members review and possibly update information to provide a new way to communicate. Details on how to see this new feature in APPX can be found by clicking here.