In addition to maintaining all your membership information, Membership PRO will also manage all the financial information. The accounting modules consists of:

  • General Ledger
    The general ledger module contains all your organizations account numbers and has the ability to produce trial balance and financial statements in addition to general ledger transactions.
  • Accounts Payable
    The accounts payable module works in conjunction with the general ledger as it reads the chart of accounts and post transactions including but not limited to checks to the general ledger accounts as well as maintaining the proper sub journals for purchases and disbursements.
  • Accounts Receivable
    The accounts receivable module is closely aligned with the Membership PRO system and its transactions. In addition to the link with Membership PRO, this module also contains optional links to the general ledger. The module maintains complete invoice information, the ability to age outstanding invoices and print statements as well as a sub journal for accounts receivable.
  • Cash Receipts
    The cash receipts module is also closely aligned with Membership PRO and also integrates optionally with the general ledger. This module tracks all revenue coming into your organization regardless of source. As long as you wish to record the money it can be entered and tracked like any transaction originated in Membership PRO.
  • Miscellaneous Invoicing
    The miscellaneous invoicing module allows an organization to create an invoice for products or services that they may or may not inventory but would like to charge a member, prospect or general customer. This module like the other s above are linked to each other.
  • Accounts Receivable Adjustments
    The adjustments module is link with the accounts receivable module to allow adjustments to invoices once they have been created and possibly printed.
  • Customer Information
    The customer information module is linked with all the modules and allows for entry of persons that are not members or prospects of your organization but you still wish to track their information and possibly sell them some products from the miscellaneous invoicing module.