The registration record will contain name and address information identical to master records where applicable but will allow operator override for exceptions and non-member attendees. The organization will have complete control of all registration data utilized by the system. The data will contain, at a minimum, the following:


  • Record ID
  • Individual name and/or institutionname
  • Spouse's name
  • Full address information
  • Registration type (member, nonmember, etc.)
  • Special activities, number of tickets purchased etc.
  • Amount paid and/or amount to be billed
As a by-product of maintaining registration data, the organization will be able to produce printouts, reports and PDF documents including:


  • Registration lists
  • Activities lists
  • Badges
  • Acknowledgement letters
  • Cash receipts reconciliation
  • Labels
As with all other modules, the registration file is fully integrated with the word processing capabilities of the system.