Data Entry Services

TBCDI offers a wide variety of data entry services, all performed within our offices. Are you tired of the amount of time it takes your staff to complete a task? Is your staff overwhelmed with existing duties? Do you not have the office space or equipment to support temporary staff at your site. If one or more of the above is true then the answer is TBCDI Data Entry Services. Our qualified staff will key and verify all your data source documents. At the end of the project or during normally designated intervals, TBCDI will produce comprehensive meaningful reports that you can use to find out critical information about the documents that are being entered. Typically, these reports include a zip code listing with frequency distribution within the 5-digit and 3-digit primary zip code. Other reports are created based upon your needs and the data that is being keyed.
Once the project is completed, TBCDI will provide the data in any format that you desire. The formats include but are not limited to:
  • ASCII Text
  • Comma-delimited
  • Tab-delimited
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
If it sounds like the above will fulfill some or all of your needs, feel free to contact us at our offices at 301/853-3750 or we can be reached by email at tbcdi.