Membership PRO

Membership PRO is a complete, fully integrated accounting and record management system designed specifically for the unique requirements of associations, professional societies and similar not-for-profit organizations.

Your organization can build an automated information system using any of the Membership PRO modules. You can correspond with your membership in a more personal way by incorporating Membership PRO with your existing word processing environment.

Membership PRO will perform the primary functions you select and will also manage the data that is collected for your applications. Data can thus be used as a valuable resource. It is available for ad hoc inquiry, to be searched through and sorted by any desired criteria without limitation.

To meet the needs of your total information processing requirements, Membership PRO produces an interface between itself and any word processing application you may be currently using. While demands for record keeping and reporting continue to grow, you must maintain that “personal touch” between you and your membership. The word processing interface is fully integrated into all Membership PRO record management and accounting modules.

Membership PRO integrates with your word processing environment to provide seamless word processing merge or data documents. It allows the user to create names for the merge documents so that they can be stored for future use. In addition to creating personalized correspondence, you will also have the flexibility of generating labels or printing directly to an envelope.

Membership PRO is cost-effective. It is a dynamic product, supported nationally by highly trained technicians available to assist you with any needs. Several man-years have been invested in product development with an on-going commitment to research and enhancement. With excellent training and a commitment for support, you can be assured of having the best solution for your office automation needs.

You can now get specific answers for informed decision-making instead of piles of printouts. To assist in the reduction of paper, Membership PRO is fully integrated in the production of PDF documents. This provides the flexibility of being able to email documents and reports to all the people in your organization as well as your membership.


The modules which are currently developed include:
  • Member Dues Billing and Receipts
  • Prospect/General Mailing List Maintenance
  • Contact Management
  • Demographics
  • Committee Management
  • Seminar and Annual Meeting Registration
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting