Prospect/General Mailing Record Maintenance

The prospect record will contain name and address information identical to member master records and other demographic coding to assist in mailing list management. The organization will have complete control of all prospect data utilized by the system including the ability to convert a prospect to a member when the time is appropriate. The data will contain, at a minimum, the following:

  • Record type
  • Individual name and/or institution name
  • Full Address information (unlimited addresses)
  • Source and other demographic codes
  • Phone numbers (mulitple)
  • Prospect Photo

The organization may establish criteria for record selection and sort sequence from the prospect record. There is no limit to the number of elements that can be linked to form a selection criteria. Sort sequences can be performed on any data element at any time. Selection logic includes elements equal to, not equal to, included in a string, greater than or less than a given range of values. Sorts can be in ascending or descending order.

In addition to being able to convert a prospect to a member, there is a convenient utility which will allow you to convert a group of members to prospect for those members that do not renew their membership after their expiration date. This affords your organization to correspond with previous members in hopes of recruiting them to reestablish their membership without having to clog up your member database with out of date people which no longer qualify for your valuable products and services.

As a by-product of maintaining prospect data, the organization will be able to produce printouts, reports and PDF documents including:

  • Labels
  • Profiles
  • Recruitment and other letters
As with all the other modules, the prospect file is fully integrated with the word processing capabilities of the system. Reports can also be produced as PDF outputs.